The Chaos of Reality

Life never does what you expect it to.

In January of this year, I lived in Pittsburgh, cozily managing Yoga Innovations and expecting to live there for a few years more. However, life was beginning to feel stagnated; I’ve moved about as many times as my age (I’m twenty-four), and being in Pittsburgh for two and a half years had me biting at the bit for some change. My husband David was struggling at work with a new, terrible boss and company buy-outs, so both of us were feeling a little trapped. So, in February, we started talking about moving away. In April, we put our house on the market. Four days later, it sold, and we realized that everything was suddenly becoming very real. It was time to prepare for Utah!

After a few years of what I’m beginning to think of as hibernation and preparation, sudden movement was almost dizzying. The ball started rolling downhill a lot faster than I ever thought it could, and it was all I could do to not slip as I ran after it. Everything within me and without was shouting that this decision to move was a good idea, and all of the noise felt a little overwhelming. This is where yoga helped—so much. It was like a lifeline; every time things felt like they were hurtling out of control, I’d take a class or roll out my mat on my living room floor. Taking those moments for myself to reconnect and breathe were so vital. I believe everything worked out as well as it did in part because I gave myself the permission and the space to clear my mind.

Through this overwhelming time, we decided to open up a yoga studio.

When you’re overwhelmed you might as well double down, right?

Things are still rolling around the chaotic vortex that is life, and things aren’t going to slow down anytime soon. But the biggest thing I’m learning is to go after what you need with some force and let go of the things that don’t matter. My yoga practice has transformed from figuring out how to get unstuck to realizing that grounding myself is the most important thing I can do. Even practicing just a few minutes a day helps me calm my mind and clear through the clutter. Life is never easy, and it never runs on your schedule. Learning how to let life flow around me is how I’ve managed to not only survive, but thrive in this chaotic time. Expectations will always crumble. Go with the flow. Breathe. And watch as life runs a little more smoothly.


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