Membership & Pricing

Not ready for commitment?

Feel free to drop in to any of our classes and see what we are about!

10 Class Pack: $120
Yoga with a Friend: $25
Regular Drop-in: $15
Meditation Drop-in: $10
Mountain Drop-in: $20
Family Class Drop-in: $12

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The Fine Print:
Memberships auto-renew based on your preferred payment method. There is no contract nor fee to terminate any future payments. Drop-ins purchased online expire 30 days after purchase if not assigned to a particular class. The 10 pack expires 90 days after purchase. Family drop-in rates for special classes (Mommy and Me) cover all participants.

Special Note:
We appreciate the many service-oriented workers in our community and abroad. We also have experienced student life. Please feel free to take 20% off all of our pricing if you are a first-responder, serve in the military, are a veteran, or are a current teacher or student. We only offer this special pricing in person, so please come by the studio with your current ID and we will get you set up. We like having you around. Thanks for making this world a better place.