Intending To Find What You Truly Desire Most

Who would’ve thought that the New Year would bring up as great a nostalgic feeling as autumn? Normally, the first of the year feels new and fresh, and there are certainly elements of that this year (David got a new job! We’re getting more people at the studio!) but on the whole, this beginning feels strangely not like . . . well, like a beginning.
Maybe it’s the fact that David and I are back in Utah. We were gone for several years off in Pittsburgh, and coming back feels . . . weird. I’m an Air Force offspring, so moving and changing places for me has always been the norm. Even in college, I would move apartments every year, travel during the summer, and never really stay still. So coming back to a familiar place? Being basically in the same place with the same people for New Year exactly one year ago? Yeah, weird.

It’s certainly not a bad weird. But it feels strange, like strong déjà vu. And not the kind that feels like divination or sensing connection, but the kind where you feel stagnated. “Oh yeah, this totally happened in like the exact same way last year.” That kind of without-a-doubt déjà vu.

If you look back at my time blogging for Yoga Innovations, it’s obvious that this theme has been a big red thread for me the past few years. Stagnation somehow keeps building up, and I’m losing that feeling of flow. However, as this New Year rolled around and I felt more and more stuck, I also determined to get out of it and find that flow again. Along with a few personal intentions for the year, like waking up at a certain time every day and practicing yoga not just whenever in the day I can but sticking to a morning routine, here are some intentions that can help anyone if they’re feeling at all like things aren’t going the way they should.

As a side note, I’m not big on resolutions because I’m not big on goals—I’m big on desires. But more on that later. (And if you need some info about desires being your ultimate goal to tide you over until my next post, click here. I posted a lot for Yoga Innovations. And if you’re ever in Pittsburgh and need some yoga, go there! You’ll adore them.)

To achieve my desire of finding flow and breaths of fresh air in my life, I wish to:

Find wholeness every day (whether that be spending time doing something fun with David or the family or taking two hours to write)
Connect to my senses (both inner intuition and outer senses to get really into the present moment)
Take time to perceive what is going on around me (again, living in the present and not letting my mind get too distracted from the tasks at hand and the people around me)
Get outside more (walking, hiking, skiing, canyoneering, yoga outside, etc.)
Take time every day to really get ready for the day (as in, making sure I take enough time for me to gain confidence in how I feel and look, because cleanliness and beauty really come from taking me time)

These are all things that make me feel the most flow within my life—when I fail at doing them, I have observed myself falling more into stagnation. And when I take time to incorporate them, I feel my life moving again. These five things are also highly personal, so take all of this advice with the knowledge that you can absolutely change them to suit your own needs, however they may change with your life. Figure out what feelings you desire most, and supplement your life with ways to reach those feelings. It’s a call for inner reflection and meditation. And of course, Ascend has a morning meditation class on Tuesday mornings at 7:15 am just for you! Feel free to bring a journal and write things down if you need to. Putting pen to paper is honestly the greatest way you can figure out what you truly desire.

I intend this year to find more flow and movement. What do you intend?

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