A Manifesto For The Bold

Be boldly different.

In a world full of people trying to look and act a certain way, be wildly yourself. Don’t worry about what looks good on someone else, or what works in someone else’s body—worry only about what feels good for you to wear, what feels good for you to try, and what works in your own, personal, beautiful body.

We. Are. All. Different.

It doesn’t matter how “cliché” that might sound because we still need to hear it. We’re still prescribing to what someone else says is good for us.

Listen to your body. Make peace with what you need to be healthy, strong, and filled with life. Stop caring about if people like you or not and start making sure you like yourself. We live in a world that tries to sell us outside beauty. Boldly realize that if you work on everything inside of yourself, the outside follows, simple as that. There doesn’t need to be a complicated answer. Don’t subscribe to anyone else’s version of you. Find what makes you happy, what fills you with purpose, what gives you life—and do it. Other people will watch your example and tell themselves that they want to become their own person, too.

Start a revolution within you. Take care of you. Meditate. Practice yoga. Find out who you are and roll with it. Listen to your gut and eat foods that are good for it. Exercise in a way that makes your body feel energized and whole and alive, not exhausted. Get plenty of sleep. Drink way more water than you are right now. All of these things are so simple when you see them written down, and there will always be the difficulty of implementing them into your reality, but do it. Begin.

Change your life by actively taking care of yourself.

The Buddha reached Enlightenment by sitting underneath a tree and focusing inwards for days and days. By reaching inwards instead of outwards, he found out who he truly was. He was able to piece together the elements of his consciousness and apply and compare that to the world he was living in. You can do the same. Learn more about who you are through meditation and yoga. It’s okay to fear that, to be scared of what you might find—but do it anyway. Feel the fear and let it go. And then feel all the feelings and realize that you are not those feelings—you’re merely the observer. And from this thought springs the highest realization of self.

Be wildly, unequivocally you. Don’t apologize for it. Be who you are. And you will start to find that being you is all you ever needed.

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